Square body junkyard

This site offers all the local junk yards near you contact information you're looking for, a few clicks away. Please enter below an address, a ZIP code or a city name and it will show you in seconds all the local auto recyclers that may be of your interest. You can also click on the "My location" button to directly check all the businesses near your city, sorted by distance.

In addition, we provide you the option to filter only the recycling centers that are open at this time. Locating a good salvage yard where to acquire second-hand parts for your vehicle at a good price without waiving the corresponding warranty is not always an easy task. Under these lines we provide you a list so that you can browse the different states of the U. We always try to offer you the most verified and truthful contact information, but if you find a mistake please contact us and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

Saving a few dollars in these times is something we can not miss, right? For many, going to an official car dealership to buy parts for their vehicle is not a viable option, as these are usually expensive.

In my case I prefer to go to a junkyard near me, where it's possible to find what I'm looking for at much lower prices and with warranty. If you have an old car in the garage that no longer works and whose repair seems too expensive, you may be losing money! Many users and wrecking yards will be happy to buy your vehicle for the parts, paying you in return a good money.

In our site you have both the option to sell your car by parts to other users or to contact a junkyard near you and get a cash quote. The junk car market has grown very quickly in recent years, especially due to the economic crisis. Not everyone can change his car every years and the option of the parts market is increasingly interesting. In our website we want to contribute a little and we give you the possibility to check the cars and the parts that our users have for sale, totally free.

There are many and very good junk yards on our database and from here we recommend that you take advantage of the junkyard search engine or browse through the listings to find the nearest local businesses. Additionally, you can find under this paragraph the recently featured junk yards near you listing, which stand out for the quality of the vehicle parts they sell, the warranty they offer and the customer service they provide.

Neighbors of the Markham neighborhood can check a gargantuan inventory of used spares for their vehicles in this junk yard. You can contact them using: phone, tollfree and email.

The Top 10 Junkyard Axles - Wrecking Yard Gold

More information: They're open from Monday to Friday. You can economize hundreds of dollars on the maintenance of your beloved car by purchasing second-hand spares with guarantee in this popular in Santa Cruz area junk yard.Jump to.

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Chevrolet S10 Blazer Used Auto Parts Catalog

Sign Up. Your items. Join group settings More. All items for sale. Needs a lot of body work. Brakes lines are brand new, fuel tank brand new, brand new leaf springs, copper fuel lines. For sale is 2 Tonka trucks and 2 nylint trucks, they are all square body trucks. All 4 are tin some are from the 70s some the 80s. Can ship. I have a lot of money in this and regret having to sell, but life gets in the way.

square body junkyard

Tan interior, custom deluxe. Two gas tanks, winch, aluminum ramps. D rings, LED lights, locking tool boxes.

Title in my name. Cash only. Runs like a champ, but a little cold blooded sometimes. No exhaust leaks.Hello, Sign In! Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart! Want to see your car here? Send us pictures! We have an excellent selection of S10 custom parts, like body kits, carbon hoods, custom seats, and rims, to name a few.

We also carry the factory-grade replacement S10 parts too, including S10 engine parts, S10 body parts, and other S10 auto parts. So please take a look at our S10 parts selection.

We're confident you'll enjoy the experience!

Junkyard Fuel Injection Conversion

Select Your Vehicle. Year Body Kits. Doors and Windows. Other Body Panels. Accessory Products. Side Steps. Truck Bed and Hitch. Mats and Liners. Shift Console.

square body junkyard

Panels and Windows. Accessory Items. Safety Equipment. Headlight Products. Tail Light Products. Auxiliary Light Products. Light Covers. Neon Lights.

Light Bars. Fuel System. Radiator Products. Turbos and Superchargers. Engine Dress Up. Air Suspension. Chassis Control.

1986 Short Bed Square Body Junkyard Find

Camber Control. Shock Products.

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Brake Pads. Brake Kits.Just cruising the aisles of your local wrecking yard can give you budget ideas and a better grasp on what easily accessible parts are close by.

Without a doubt, some of the most valuable parts to be had are complete junkyard-sourced axle assemblies. While not all are worth the effort, there are plenty of cheap and easy-to-pull axles that make for a logical and budget-wise upgrade. Absent from this list are unicorn axles, such as kingpin Dana 60 front axles found under fullsize Ford and Chevy trucks.

If you do manage to stumble upon one, plan on paying a premium for it. A high-pinion Dana 60 front axle is one of the top upgrades for truck and SUV wheelers across the board. The 9. InFord equipped the Super Duty platform with a radius arm front suspension, which makes the later units easy to spot.

Maybe the biggest drawback is the unitbearing hub. The plus side of the unitbearing is that some stock and custom unitbearings can be made to work with ABS, and conversion kits to a more serviceable spindle-style outer are offered in the aftermarket. The aftermarket is rapidly growing for the Super Duty 60, with high-steer arms and heavy-duty ball joint options now available from multiple sources.

In stock form, you get spline, 1. The aftermarket is slightly smaller when compared to the GM bolt or Dana 60, but there is still a range of differential lockers and gearsets available.

One thing to note is that most Unlike the older Welding the differential housing to the tubes and adding a truss can eliminate this issue, which few will ever experience. Later models can be found with disc brakes, but your more common specimens will have the obnoxiously large and heavy drum brakes.

The biggest downfall of the bolt is the size of the differential housing. Depending on which casting you come across, there are a few methods of shaving or chopping the bottom of the diff to gain ground clearance. Aftermarket support is excellent for the bolt and the 1. If you need width, look for the inch-wide van axle.Well, at least it was in the late s and early s. This was really the dark ages of fuel delivery in cars and trucks.

Carburetors worked pretty well until automotive engineers had to worry about fuel economy and vehicle emissions. The first band aid to improve economy and emissions was to load engines with emissions-choking devices like smog pumps, huge EGRs, stuffy catalytic converters, and computer-controlled carburetors. None of this worked too well until electronic fuel injection introduced atomized fuel and electronic feedback systems. Efficiency went up and emissions went down with a system that could properly self-regulate fuel air ratios.

Enter Dino the Dinosaur, our Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 with a long story to tell. Predating both emissions controls and expensive fuel, Dino drinks gasoline like a fish. The truck originally came with a V-8 fueled by a one-barrel carburetor. In the late s the tired was replaced with a remanufactured Chevy and the one-barrel carb was swapped over to the new engine, which delivered fuel to the newish engine for the next 31 years without too much drama.

Recently the carb was in great need of a rebuild, but we wanted to give Dino more power and better fuel economy and to improve drivability. Another alternative that would bring Dino up to the standards of the late s and early s was to do a junkyard rebuild and install a GM throttle body electronic fuel-injection system.

We have dabbled in GM TBI a few times on other projects and knew it was a simple, reliable, and fairly efficient system. Also GM TBI has a rudimentary onboard diagnostics system that can help indicate any problems with the system, and the system can be modified to run on a wide variety of makes and sizes of gasoline engines. After gathering the parts needed to add GM TBI from our local junkyard we began piecing the system together. We decided to do a little bit of both using some new and some used parts to piece our system together.

Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Many sensors and parts can be sourced from the internet or your local parts store for a Chevy Suburban with a 5. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Depending on where you live, big-block Chevy 8. We are not sure why, but compared to the LS-series truck engines, these torque tanks are plentiful and inexpensive. This modern GM big-block is similar to the LS engines but also unique.

Chevrolet S10 Blazer Used Auto Parts Catalog

And they are heavy, with iron blocks and heads. Most of the hot rod guys prefer the old-style big-blocks, and most of the off-road guys prefer the LS engines, so the 8.

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Some were even dropped in boats. And did we mention they are bad on gas, heavy, and cheap?

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The engine runs smooth and is grunty. Overall, we are elated with our new-to-us big-block. Here are the swap highlights if you are contemplating one for your square-body GM. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Swapping an 8. Build Me One! The company can also build you a complete 8. Tilden recently built this plus-horsepower, —lb-ft 8. Tell Me More!

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Want to learn even more about the 8. It dives deeper into the nitty-gritty of these engines and ways to get bigger power out of them. Show Me More! You can watch the swap and the suspension upgrades and the first adventure we took our 8. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Do not let the name fool you. These parts are not Junk. These are Quality Used Auto Parts that have been pulled from a running vehicle.

The parts are from vehicles that have been wrecked. These are the good parts that were not damaged in the accident. The parts are Quality tested again before being shipped out.

square body junkyard

Let us assist you finding the used parts you need for your Car or Truck. We have a large dependable network of Junkyards and Auto Recyclers waiting to give you a price quote. In most cases these parts can be packaged and shipped to you or your mechanic in just a few days.

If you would like a price quote on a dependable used part for your car or truck you can start by choosing your vehicle's year, make and model up above. We Guarantee to find your part within 24 - 48 hrs.

It will take us less than 1 minute to send your part request to Junkyards throughout the United States. Auto Guide Suzuki Parts. Part Guide Ignition switch. Headlight Door - Passenger. Drum Brake - Rear. Accelerator Control Module. Door Window Motor Front - Driver.

Bumper Filler Panel. Quarter Window - Passenger. Door Window Motor Rear - Driver. Rotor Brake - Front.

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